7 Modifications That Affect Your Car Insurance

Car fanatic always tend to customize their car, either by changing the appearance or gear up the engine for extra performance. This alteration to the vehicles is mostly done by young people as they are overloaded with the temptation of customizing their vehicle.

What is Car Modification?

One of the most confusing thing with car modification and insurer today is to understand exactly what all things are included in car modification. Many are not aware of the alterations which fall under this category.

Any changes made to the original condition of the car turns as the modification. It means anything which makes your car look or perform differently. Even the slightest customization to the car for appealing better or functioning well ends up as a modification. For example, any extra lights you put on or the customized paint jobs. Modifications boost up the performance of the car resulting in higher chances of risk. Thus, the insurer increases the premium amount if any modification is made.

Following are the 7 Modifications That Affect Your Car Insurance

Engine Modifications

Engine Modification enhances its power and boosts the speed of the car. Most of the accidents happen at fast speed. This might cause the insurer to increase the premium cost. Thus, upgrading the engine of the car may increase the cost of your car insurance policy.

Brakes and Suspension

Braking is one of the most important parts of your car. Any changes made to the braking and suspension will alter the car performance on the road. It is needed to inform the insurer about the changes made to the car, else your claim might get rejected.

Wheel Modification

Wheel modification aids the look and value of the car. Whatever is done, you need to inform it to your respective insurer.


New paintwork will give your car a fine look. Some eye-catchy design brings a drastic change in the look. But this might increase the possibilities of thefts. Considering this scenario, the car insurance price might rise. As the insurer find this as the risk factor.

Car Interior

Changing the sound system, steering wheel or the seat covers looks good. It is important to make the insurer aware of these changes.

Car Stickers

Some insurers consider the car stickers as part of the modification. So consider a word with your insurer before applying any sticker. Check whether it is going to affect the premium of your car insurance policy.

Non – Standard Engine Change

An engine is a vital factor that aids your car insurance policy premium. Non-standard engine carries a high probability of a car breakdown. It also increases the risk of the accident. As the quality of the product and also the wear and tear varies, it is necessary to inform the insurer for the calculation of the premium. Utilize an online car insurance calculator to find estimates of these cost-altering factors.

Not all the modifications affect your car insurance policy premium. From your end, you need to inform your insurer about all the alterations made to your car. The factors which help to decrease the risk factor of your car, do not affect your premium. For example, the parking sensor helps to avoid the damage that occurs while reversing the car. Thus, the insurer doesn’t include it as the modification.

Make sure to declare all the modifications to your general insurance provider. If you fail to do so, then your insurance might be considered invalid. It will put you in a predicament, as in the future you won’t be able to enjoy the insurance cover.

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