InvestingCrypto Review – A place uncovering the full benefits of trading?


InvestingCrypto is one of the most popular brokerages today, aware that online trading needs to be safe and secure. That has led to the emergence of  proprietary infrastructure on behalf of the brand, drawing even more attention from traders living all around the world.

In case you are now looking for a broker you can trust, InvestingCrypto is definitely one of the options to consider and this review will help you grasp some of the top features it currently has to offer..

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InvestingCrypto Account Selection

Putting customers first has always been part of InvestingCrypto’s agenda, but that can only be achieved by paying attention to their diverse needs. Short-term traders and longer-term traders usually hold different trading strategies, but this brand has come up with a versatile account selection, one that both types of traders can find appealing.

You can open a Basic, Standard, Gold, Platinum, or VIP account, benefiting from affordable and professional trading tools. Keep in mind that the broker does not condition the opening of an account with a large initial deposit. If you only have limited capital available, it’s possible to start small.

And that’s not all, because InvestingCrypto also offers features such as access to the trading academy, weekly market reviews, support from an account manager, margin loan, flexible leverage, and competitive trading costs, even if you open a Basic account.

Asset Coverage

Traders today pay increasing attention to asset coverage, simply because financial markets remain active across the board. InvestingCrypto surprises its customers with an offer that includes tens of different cryptocurrencies, FX pairs, popular shares, indices, and commodities.

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It’s possible to blend volatile assets (crypto and shares), with less-volatile ones (FX and indices), in order to create a balanced portfolio, focused on the instruments that are popular at any given moment. Depending on what assets you want to trade, InvestingCrypto offers flexible margin requirements and tight trading costs.

A Brand-New Platform

Fully optimized to handle even volatile assets like cryptocurrencies, the InvestingCrypto platform is a proprietary solution that integrates professional tools and market research, helping you make difficult decisions while prices unfold in real-time. It was one of the broker’s earliest goals to develop a web platform and now that this has become a reality, the customer feedback is positive.


This is a platform acting as a bridge to leading exchange venues, ensuring that customers get access to accurate rates and fast execution on all instruments covered. That is possible regardless of the device type you want to use, be it desktop, laptop, or mobile – thanks to a team of experts with over 25 years of combined experience in the field of finance.

Should You Work with InvestingCrypto?

When taking into account all of the details provided here, it turns out this truly is a broker you can trust. That wouldn’t have been possible without the use of advanced technologies, efficient trading tools, and a team of experts working daily to meet customer demands. This is a brand with global outreach and people from various countries are free to join.

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