Protect Your Car’s Engine with The Engine Protection Add On Cover

An engine is like the heart of the car. Car engine should be regularly checked and oiled. Proper care taken of the car engine will help it run efficiently in the long run. Engine protection cover is needed to keep the car running smoothly covering miles.

While buying the best car insurance, you can also opt for the engine protection cover add-on. By adding engine protection cover in your car insurance, you get financially protected against any repair cost in case of a damaged engine or its parts. It is an add-on to your comprehensive policy. As the comprehensive policy does not cover the damages incurred on a car’s engine or its parts like crankshaft, piston, pins, cylinder, gearbox. Buying the protection cover acts as a shield for you against these damages. Mostly it happens, that your car might struggle with complications like leakage of oil, water ingression, with the use of the car. Repairing the cost of these things causes a huge amount. So, it will compensate you for the repair and replacement of your engine or parts like pistons, connecting rods.

Following are the inclusions you get with a standard engine protection cover offered by general insurance providers.


As the car covers more distance, it’s engine starts giving repair work. The engine protection cover includes the damages due to the leakage of lubricating oil.

Water Damage

People living in the low-lying area are always concerned about the flood water affecting their car’s engine. Thus this policy includes Expenses against damages caused due to ingression of water.

Gearbox Damage

It includes expenses against the damages caused due to the gearbox malfunction.

Hydrostatic Lock

It happens when you try to restart the engine after flood or water ingression. Cranking a car engine which was waterlogged might trigger the ignition and damage the engine.

There are also some exclusions for the engine protection cover.

Force-Start Cover

Don’t try to start the car forcefully when submerged under the water. In general, the engine is designed to get completely shut and not let the water flow in. But in the case of starting the engine forcefully will allow the water to flow in.

Consequential Damage

By driving a car with a broken bonnet, the oil can enter the engine. This comes under consequential damage. As it is consequent damage and not because of the accident, the insurer won’t claim the amount.

Unlimited Validity

An individual can’t claim more than once in a single year.

Age Limit

This cover is applicable for the cars which are not more than 5 years old.

So while buying car insurance online in India, you can opt for the engine protection cover add-on. The cost of an Engine Protection Add-on is usually about 2% of the current market value of the car, it also depends on the car model. The scope of coverage under Engine Protection Add-on varies from one car insurance company to another. It’s always wise to read the policy terms carefully before buying the best car insurance engine protection cover.

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