FAQs About Bookkeeping Services

While some business owners may opt to do their own bookkeeping, professional bookkeeping services in Melbourne can significantly reduce the time business owners spend on the burdensome task of bookkeeping, allowing them to focus on more pressing business matters.

This article will go over some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to enlisting the services of a company for bookkeeping in Melbourne, as well as detailing some benefits of outsourcing the task of bookkeeping and accounting in general.

Is Outsourcing Bookkeeping Worth It?

In short, yes, outsourcing the task of bookkeeping is generally worth it for business owners and sole traders. This is because a bookkeeper will not only be able to take this somewhat tedious task off of your hands, but being professionals in the accounting field, they’ll also be able to ensure all of your books, receipts and records are accurate and compliant with current tax and financial legislation.

Outsourcing is also a great way for business owners to be able to get some time back and create more flexibility in their daily lives. This is especially true when it comes to accounting tasks, which tend to be cumbersome and monotonous to most business owners who would rather focus their energy on the big picture and the business tasks that they actually enjoy.

Are Bookkeeping Services Expensive?

The costs for bookkeeping services in Melbourne will vary by business and industry, but generally, the upfront financial costs for hiring a bookkeeper are offset by the long term savings in time as well as accurate data entry.

Bookkeeping services are usually charged at a fixed rate. Fluctuating cash flow and revenue can put undue stress on business owners, but having a fixed and predictable service cost can go a long way to alleviating this stress. Packages can also often be tailored to suit a business’s needs to ensure operators don’t spend more on certain bookkeeping services that may not benefit their business.

When is the Best Time to Outsource Bookkeeping?

This will depend on the demands of the business owner and the business. Ideally, bookkeeping and accounting services should be outsourced as part of the initial setup of the business itself. This is because a business’s bookkeeping and accounting needs will often be neglected in favour of the day-to-day running of the business. At some point, the books and accounting records can become so out of order that the business owner will need to spend nights and weekends catching up and attempting to correct mistakes in the initial data-entry. Professional bookkeeping in Melbourne can ensure all of your records are set-up, compliant and accurate from the moment you start trading under your business name.

Can a Bookkeeper Prepare Taxes?

In short, no, a bookkeeper cannot prepare a tax return or file taxes for your business. However, they can provide valuable advice and insight on how to best prepare your records, statements and books in order to streamline the process of filing your business tax return, helping you to get the maximum amount back on your taxes.

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