How can I improve the energy efficiency of my property?

Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important as governments, businesses and individuals look to make more environmentally friendly choices. Global warming threatens us all and we must band together to create a greener world that will be around for future generations too.

While the government has implemented plans to become carbon neutral by 2025, there’s also an onus on the public to do their bit to bring down our carbon footprints. Currently, people in the UK produce around 10 tonnes of CO2 every year, which gives the majority of the population some room to improve.

If you want to improve but aren’t sure how you can, we recommend starting with your property. There are countless energy-efficient changes you can make to your home and our guide is filled with great suggestions for you to consider. Continue reading to find out more.


Insulation is an easy way to make your home more efficient. This is a building material that goes in your loft and walls to keep heat in during winter and keep heat out in summer. By doing this, you shouldn’t have to rely on your central heating or cooling systems to get your home to the right temperature, keeping energy usage to a minimum.

To add installation to your home, use glue to secure wooden boards in the ceiling, then install insulation above the wooden sheets.

Sealing windows and doors

Windows and doors are common weak points for draughts, which makes it hard to retain heat in your home. This could lead to excessive periods of central heating usage, which is bad for your bills and energy efficiency.

Instead, seal them with caulk or expanding foam to fill gaps and keep the cold air out when the temperature drops.

Switch to renewable energy sources

Instead of using power and gas from the mains, why not switch to renewable energy sources? Some of the most popular types include solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal and biomass energy.

Implementing these in your home can be expensive to start with but you can expect your bills to reduce drastically, so they’ll essentially pay for themselves in the years to come.

Use more energy-efficient appliances

Take a look at the appliances around your home and consider moving to an energy-efficient alternative. Light bulbs are an easy one to change and relatively inexpensive. Simply choose LED alternatives, which use less energy and last longer.

You could invest in an air fryer for your cooking too. These are known to be more efficient than traditional ovens and can be used for just about any meal.

Making your home more energy efficient doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes overnight. Simply try to improve where you can and your home will be in a much better position.

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